Lots of stuff pops up in the middle of the day to keep you from getting things accomplished. Take the poll and see what the main thing is that creates roadblocks for other TechRepublic members.


Ever have one of those days that when you get to the end of it you’re driving home wondering why nothing ever gets done? You’re an IT leader — a person of power and persuasion who’s supposed to be accomplishing great things. But, at the end of the day, nothing gets done. Why?

Sometimes the problem is in the mirror. Stuff doesn’t get done because we just put it off. Decisions are either difficult, unpleasant, or just not a lot of fun. There’s always some other convenient distraction that can be made a “priority.” So you just schluff it off to another day.

Other times, you try your hardest, but there’s something or someone else in the way. There’s never enough staff or money. Incompetence or indifference from upper management limits your power to be able to implement your ideas. You’re faced with buggy software or features that just aren’t where you need them to be.

What’s your problem?

There are probably a combination of things that are acting as blockades to the decisions and plans that you’ve made. Take the poll below and see what your main blocker is compared to other TechRepublic members and sound off in Comments: