Holiday shopping is on the horizon, which means online customers are preparing to spend a record $199.9 billion this year, according to a survey from CompTIA, released on Tuesday. The report surveyed nearly 1,000 customers and found only 18% of them were dissatisfied with the security measures of online retailers.

Most Americans are actually willing to online shop with retailers that previously faced a security breach–if they have taken measures to secure data, according to the report. With years of conflicting news about cybersecurity threats and breaches, users have almost become desensitized to the information, the report found.

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“Today’s patchwork of state regulations and legislation mean that consumers often times are receiving multiple and competing information about the size and scope of a breach,” said Elizabeth Hyman, executive vice president of public advocacy for CompTIA, in a press release. “It has reached such a point where only 25% of consumers factor a company’s privacy policies and security practices ‘most of the time’ when they decide to use an app, website or online service.”

Nearly 21% of consumers even said retailers were doing a good job protecting their personal information, after previous big-name breaches like Equifax and the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal.

Most of this trust comes from the value customers put on privacy and security policies, the report found. Almost trying to find an excuse to trust the companies, nearly 54% of respondents said that organizations who take security precautions to protect user data shouldn’t be judged too harshly, according to the report.

However, while Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the holiday season gears up, so are hackers. For information on what to watch out for and how to keep yourself protected, check out this article from our sister-site, CNET.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 54% of online shoppers said they trust organizations that have taken security and privacy precautions. — CompTIA, 2018
  • Online customers are desensitized to cybersecurity warnings, due to the competing opinions surrounding personal information breaches. — CompTIA, 2018