The rise of automation, and the evolving digital workforce environment has sparked fear in many employees, who are concerned about being replaced by new technology. While these concerns still exist, employees are willing to take significant measures to remain valuable, according to a Blue Prism report released on Wednesday.

The report, conducted by research firm Sapio on behalf of Blue Prism, surveyed nearly 1,500 business decision makers and more than 3,500 knowledge workers around the world. Though employees are intimidated by automation, they are willing to embrace the technology if it means keeping their jobs, the report found.

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The majority of US knowledge workers (87%) said they are comfortable with reskilling in order to remain competitive in today’s digital workforce. With 77% of US respondents reported experiencing some part of their daily tasks being automated over the past year, employees are quickly realizing how lucrative updated skills are, the report found.

Nearly a third (32%) of US respondents said in the report that they don’t believe their organization will remain competitive in the next five years with a solely human workforce, indicating a demand for automation.

The appeal of automation is seen through its benefits: Saving time, saving money, and improving accuracy. These perks are why 92% of US business decision makers said they plan on extending use cases of automation throughout their businesses, the report found.

“This wave of automation and technological disruption places human creativity and ingenuity directly at the center of the value chain, forever changing the way enterprises operate,” Chris Bradshaw, CMO of Blue Prism, said in a press release. “These changes, highlighted in this report, reflect a major shift coming whereby human workers will need to co-exist with a digital workforce to be successful.

To reap the benefits of automation, companies must align their organizational culture with their automation goals, the report found. Some 71% of business workers agreed that business culture must evolve.

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