In the midst of a competitive hiring environment, 69% of employers say every job is basically a tech job, according to CareerBuilder’s Midyear Job Forecast. Employers feel that every job has some sort of technical component, which highlights how valuable tech expertise is now.

A survey of 1,023 hiring managers and 1,014 full-time U.S. employees discovered how highly competitive the job market is, mainly due to a talent shortage. Because of the shortage, companies are willing to go the extra mile to get the talent they need. According to a press release, 63% of employers said they plan to hire full-time, permanent employees in the latter half of 2018, up from 60% in 2017. A large portion of these employers are offering higher salaries and other perks to help acquire necessary talent, said the survey.

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“Low unemployment and increasing skills gaps continue to plague employers who are struggling to fill roles at all levels within their organizations,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, in the release. “Fifty percent of U.S. employers reported that it is taking them longer to fill jobs today compared to any other period of time — a trend that is ultimately giving job seekers more leverage.”

The top roles for hiring, according to the forecast, are in the following areas:

  1. Customer service – 41%
  2. Sales – 28%
  3. Information technology – 22%
  4. Product development – 16%
  5. Business development – 16%

Some of the extra perks companies are willing to offer to attract talented workers are employee discounts, casual dress codes, remote work opportunities, signing bonuses, free lunches, extra paid time off, gym memberships, and daycare, said the release.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 69% of employers think every job is a tech job, because almost all jobs on the market today have a technical component. — CareerBuilder, 2018
  • With the competitive job market and talent shortage, 63% of employers said they plan to hire full-time employees during the last half of 2018. CareerBuilder, 2018