I got into work a little late today, since the wife and I threw a double birthday party for a couple of friends last night, which didn’t end until about 1:00 am. As I drive up, I notice the side lot where I and maybe four other people park is strangely jammed with all the nicesedans and SUVs our executive class owns. And I’m thinking “did I forget a big meeting that has our parking lot overfull?” which then leads to the “oh crap, I should have shaved” feeling.

Anyway, so I park and start walking back, and I see fellow Community Teamster Beth Blakely, back after a week’s vacation, unloading stuff from her car.

Then I notice her car. The charred, shattered remains of her car. The broken window. The smoldering hood. The melted front drivers side tire. The stench or burnt rubber and hot metal.

Yeah, Beth’s car caught on fire. Only, it didn’t start until after she went in the building, and if newly minted Community Manager Shawn Morton hadn’t also been late and noticed the billowing smoke emanating from Beth’s vehicle, the fire could have spread to the aforementioned executive class. As it stands, they all had rushed to move their vehicles in orcer to make room for the fire department, who had to pry open Beth’s hood with the jaws of life to extinguish the blaze.

I miss all the good stuff.