TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson talked with Deloitte consulting principal Kavitha Prabhakar about why gender parity is good for the a company’s bottom line. Watch the video, or read part of their conversation below.

Patterson: What are the best practices of increasing and improving gender diversity in IT and tech?

Prabhakar: I think the most important thing here to note is that gender parity in IT or anywhere else, it’s not just about being fair. Right. It’s not just that. It truly brings business benefits and that’s what we focus on. So if you look at research it directly correlates when women are in leadership positions and part of your overall staff, there is a direct correlation for higher productivity, higher performing team overall, you will see better team dynamics, and also at the end of the day better financial performance. So in my mind, diversity is not just about being fair, and gender parity is not about being fair, but it’s truly a smart business move.”

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