New data released by CIRP revealed iPhone as the top selling smartphone brand in the US during Q1 of 2019, outselling Samsung, LG, and Motorola, reported 9to5mac on Thursday. CIRP studied the smartphone activations in the US during Q1, discovering that iPhone took the top seat with 36% of total activations–an increase from last year.

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Users have often preferred Apple devices over Android because of its ease of use, especially when integrating with other Apple devices. After Apple’s poor Q4 performance in 2018, however, the outlook on iPhones haven’t looked too bright. The global sale of smartphones in Q4 2018 came to a halt, totaling at only 408.4 million units–the company’s worst quarterly decline since Q1 2016, reported our sister site ZDNet.

“Samsung has typically had the highest share, from 30% to 39%, depending on their product launch calendars,” CIRP partner and co-founder Mike Levin wrote in the report, according to Appleinsider. “Apple share varied similarly, from 29 percent to 40 percent. The most notable trend has Motorola taking share from LG and threatening to take over third place in the smartphone market.”

iPhone’s popularity in Q1 of 2019 could be good news for Apple’s US sales, which the public will find out during Apple’s earnings call scheduled for April 30th.

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