This morning, when I first saw this story, I cringed. Could it be another news story about Bush and the alleged illegal download of Beatles music on his iPod? After the public flogging, I don’t think I’m ready to cover another story of that journalistic caliber… Fortunately, today’s story had absolutely nothing to do with presidential hoopla: “Apple wins Beatles battle.”

According to this story, “Apple Computer has triumphed in its latest court battle with The Beatles’ record label, Apple Corps, over the use of its famous logo. The High Court in London on Monday ruled that Apple Computer is not liable for trademark infringement because the use of the Apple logo on its iTunes Music Store was not associated with the music it was selling and thus did not breach a previous settlement between the companies.”

Of course, if you live inside my mind, you might be left wanting to know answers to the following questions: A Beatles battle? Why is there such a tweedle over the Beatles battle? And where are the paddles? Puddles? Bottles? Poodles? Noodles? Muddles? Fuddles? Wuddles?