OK, so a temporary Ubuntu bug disabled X. And this is a problem because? In the years that I have run *Nix servers, I have never once felt the need to install X. The only time I installed X on a server, was because someone else in the organization needed an easy way to follow the progress of some code they were running, and letting them login to X to view a graphical version of top was what they wanted.

Folks, there is no good reason to run (let alone install!) X on a server, unless it is being used as a server for thin clients. If you have a ton of people using X applications, it is easier to get a bunch of X clients and hook them into a big server.

Outside of that fairly rare scenario, why is X on your server? There is nothing that needs to be done on a *Nix server than cannot be done via CLI, without the hassle and headache of dealing with X. X is one of the most miserable pieces of software out there to deal with, right behind BIND. So unless you are running an X farm, rip X off of your server.