Why learning to code will help students succeed in any career

At a Google Made with Code event, Aveon Williams, a student at Ballard High School in Louisville, KY, discussed how learning to code will impact his future.

What learning to code means to high school students

At a recent Google Fiber Made with Code event in Louisville, KY, students of all ages had the chance to learn to code for the first time in a Google technology lab at the nonprofit community center Neighborhood House. At the event, Aveon Williams, a student at Ballard High School in Louisville, spoke with TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome about how technology will help him in the future.

Read his comments below, or watch the video above.


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Aveon Williams: [At this event,] we are actually making our own type of emojis using our new computers and our new technology room, and we're running on Google Fiber internet to kind of help us with that high speed.

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I like working with technology, it gets things done faster, I would say. It is a very good way to handle things now. Using this type of stuff is actually making me feel good and it's kind of like making me change what I want to do in the future just basically going off what I'm doing right now, on the computers and stuff.

What I want to do in the future with it is kind of show other kids how I use this technology and hopefully I can show how they can show other people how to use it as they come. I actually want to go to be a cook. I guess I can kind of use technology as I'm in the kitchen.

Learning to code, it's very easy, it's very fun and you get to do whatever you want to do to your character. You can design it, to making their hairstyle, to the face and everything else so it's very exciting to do.

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