“A Google Home with a screen,” is how Lenovo’s new Smart Display was described by The Next Web. This smart home tech could knock competitor Amazon’s Echo Show off its throne and could serve as an alternative for business users.

Google announced plans for the device in January, according to the report by The Next Web.

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The product can control smart appliances, play music, and answer questions, according to the report. It doesn’t have an app store, but it supports Google apps, along with Spotify and YouTube. Because the app selection is fairly limited, the product would work best for people who’ve already bought into some of Google’s other services, the report noted.

According to reporting from our sister site CNET, Lenovo’s Smart Display doesn’t run on a traditional Android operating system, but a new OS called Android Things. Android Things is meant to power smart home devices and is a simplified version of the Android mobile OS, according to the report.

For more specs and product details, read the full review CNET review here.

Lenovo’s Smart Display has fared well in product reviews and is often seen as a better alternative to Amazon’s Echo Show.

The product could help SMBs incorporate more tech into their current systems. Retail stores can use it to play music through their store, manage the lighting, and other smart home products.

Professionals who already utilize G Suite and other Google services can look forward to the device incorporating all of their information in one device, including alerts, emails, and video calling.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Business users can utilize Lenovo’s new Google powered Smart Display to manage their days with alerts and email capabilities.
  • SMBs can use this piece of smart office tech to run music through their stores, get questions answered, or control lighting fixtures.