Digital transformation is exploding in popularity across the enterprise, but there is one technological aspect that has become the Achilles’ Heel of these projects for leaders: Mobile. A new study commissioned by Dropsource–released Tuesday–found that 84% percent of digital leaders weren’t confident in their approach to mobile and didn’t believe it would help them meet business goals.

Their lack of confidence centered around their ability to build a mobile app that could drive the business forward, a Dropsource press release said. Some 41% of those surveyed for the report said they believed their lack of mobile strength was negatively impacting their competitiveness in the market.

The 84% number breaks down like this: 59% said they felt somewhat behind in mobile while 25% felt extremely behind. Despite their mobile failings, a majority of the respondents said they were mature in their digital transformation projects, which seems to point to a contadticon, the release said.

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“These data points expose several enterprise weak spots: First, a fundamental misunderstanding of how crucial mobile is to a mature digital transformation strategy and second, a resounding lack of mobile best practices. Combined, this spells trouble ahead for businesses seeking to compete, innovate and maximize opportunities to engage with their increasingly mobile audiences,” Ben Saren, CEO of Dropsource, said in the release.

One of the key reasons for such immaturity in mobile projects is the inability of digital leaders to follow through on them, as noted in the study, 46% of leaders abandoned mobile app projects one-to-five times in the past four years.

These leaders mostly abandoned the projects due to insufficient budget (23%) and unreasonable expectations (19%) from executives. Among the respondents, 44% said they felt misunderstood and under pressure from the management team, the release said.

So, what about the current state of mobile apps in business? According to survey-takers, 36% said the mobile apps that their company developed are only somewhat effective or not effective at boosting sales and customer engagement. And, 37% said the same about their app’s ability to drive productivity among employees.

Mobile is difficult, but it’s a major part of digital transformation. For more tips on how to kick-start digital transformation projects, check out this article on TechRepublic.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • When it comes to digital transformation, 84% of digital leaders aren’t confident in their mobile strategy’s ability to produce results. — Dropsource, 2018
  • 46% of digital leaders have abandoned mobile app projects one-to-five times in the past four years. — Dropsource, 2018