One of the wonders of the Internet is the ability to stream content to your desktop. One of the wonders of Hollywood (not to mention a whole host of other places like Hong Kong, India, Thailand, England and others) is to make low-budget pictures. Combine the two and you’ve created a bad movie trip not seen since the halcyon days of the drive-in and the grindhouse.

 One of my favorite new spots to see free movies is Don’t be fooled that free equates with poor quality of streaming or just a bad movie in general. The site currently offers films in the Horror, Science Fiction, Kung Fu and Wild Westerns categories. While many of the films are serious shlock of the year award winners, the site does offer A Boy and His Dog , Night of the Living Dead, Fantastic Planet, The Last Man on Earth, as well as other interesting flicks like JailBait, City Ninja and She Gods of Shark Reef. No registration and no annoying ads during the movie make this site A+ in my book.