Why pay for baristas is growing faster than pay for web designers in the US

US wages are slowly rising, with fields like healthcare and retail outpacing tech. Here's what jobs are growing the most.

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US wages continue to trend upward, but that growth is sluggish, according to a new report from job site Glassdoor. The annual median base pay across all jobs in the US grew 1.8% year over year in September 2017, to $51,491.

"At this snail's pace of wage growth it will take roughly 40 years for U.S. median annual pay to double," Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist of Glassdoor, said in a press release.

In the tech realm, high-demand positions that continue to see strong pay growth in recent months include solutions architect (up 3.7% to $102,184), web designer (up 3.4% to $51,767), and software engineer (up 2.7% to $85,806). However, some tech jobs are seeing salary declines in recent months, including web developer (down 0.9% to $64,150) and java developer (down 0.1% to $75,124), the report found.

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"The reports show that more sophisticated technology jobs like solutions architects and web designers are increasingly in demand because their mix of hard and soft skills allow them to navigate today's fast-changing tech landscape," Chamberlain said in the release. "As the need for single-skilled developers like java developers and web developers has waned, so has wage growth for those positions."

However, these tech wages still remain strong, even compared to other jobs with faster growth rates, such as those in healthcare and retail.

In terms of location, the fastest growing wages overall were found in Boston (up 2.1% to a median $58,887), Los Angeles (up 2.1% to $59,793), New York City (up 1.9% to $60,755) and Seattle (up 1.9% to $60,426). Wage growth was slowest in Houston and Chicago.

Here are the top 10 jobs with the fastest pay growth this year:

1. Barista

Percent wage growth year over year: 5.6%

Median base pay: $24,305

2. Truck driver

Percent wage growth year over year: 5.0%

Median base pay: $52,280

3. Recruiter

Percent wage growth year over year: 4.8%

Median base pay: $50,491

4. Bank teller

Percent wage growth year over year: 4.3%

Median base pay: $28,633

5. Restaurant cook

Percent wage growth year over year: 4.3%

Median base pay: $28,456

6. Solutions architect

Percent wage growth year over year: 3.7%

Median base pay: $102,184

7. Business development manager

Percent wage growth year over year: 3.6%

Median base pay: $69,503

8. Store manager

Percent wage growth year over year: 3.5%

Median base pay: $48,701

9. Pharmacy technician

Percent wage growth year over year: $3.4%

Median base pay: $30,688

10. Web designer

Percent wage growth year over year: 3.4%

Median base pay: $51,767

While barista job growth far outpaces that of web designers, it's clear by the difference in salary that tech jobs are still very much in demand. However, with the aforementioned slowing growth, it's possible that the tech job bubble may be starting to decline.

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