IT support has finally hit the woof – I mean roof – at Circuit City, with the creation of its new services business called Firedog. Check out the news story: “Circuit City chases service with new Firedog brand.”

According to the story, “Circuit City’s Firedog push–featuring employees garbed in bright green polo shirts and the slogan, ‘We make technology’s tail wag’–comes as electronics retailers try to boost margins by getting consumers to pay extra for help installing, using, or fixing their new gadgets.”

This type of computer support isn’t anything new. For example, Best Buy has a similar IT service group called Geek Squad. Of course, both Firedog and Geek Squad have a price tag attached to them – you buy a product, and then you have to pay extra to get it to work!

Thank goodness that TechRepublic’s membership is free, and all the IT information you need is available through various articles, downloads, and discussion threads. Firedog and Geek Squad? Maybe as a last resort. First, I personally would utilize the free resources available to me on TR.