Here’s what happens all too often after in-house training. You’ve given a great class in how to use a piece of software, and your students leave the session primed to use their newfound knowledge. But some of those folks go on vacation the next day and are gone for a week. Other users don’t touch the software for several days, and they forget what they’ve learned.

There are two ways to help your in-house students remember the training you’ve provided:

  1. Training documentation. If you’ve provided training manuals or booklets, your students can refer to those documents to refresh their memories of what they learned.
  2. The in-house training newsletter. By publishing an in-house training newsletter, you can remind users about what they’ve learned and encourage them to share that knowledge with their co-workers. You should publish your newsletter at least once or twice a month, if possible.

Creating a newsletter is often a real hassle—and it turns into a last-minute job that’s relegated to the bottom of a top-heavy task list. But take heart: With our QuickNewsletter template, anybody in your group can whip out a newsletter without a lot of setup or design fuss. Follow this link to download our ready-to-use newsletter template.
Who, what, and when
What kind of information should you put in your training newsletter? Here are three questions to address in every issue:

  • Who attended training?In each edition of your newsletter, list the names and departments of the people who’ve recently completed your training. Why? People love to see their names in print, and when their co-workers read about them, they’ll say, “Hey I saw you took that Excel class; maybe you can help me?” Every time that happens, it means one less question that you, as the trainer, have to answer.
  • What was learned?Include in your newsletter some short tips from the material that you covered during training, as well as some new topics. People love to cut out short tips and keep them near their computers for easy reference.
  • When are the next classes scheduled?If you’re lucky enough to be able to schedule ongoing classes, publish the times and topics for upcoming classes in the newsletter.

What else do you put in your newsletter to help your students stay on top of their training? Let us know your newsletter secrets by posting a comment below or sending us a note.