Last month, CloudNOW announced its Top 10 Women in Cloud Innovation Award recipients, naming women from companies like LinkedIn, Verizon, and Microsoft to name a few.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson met with CloudNOW nonprofit co-founders Susan Wu and Jocelyn DeGance Graham to discuss the importance of recognizing accomplishments achieved by women in technology.

CloudNOW’s mission is to promote women in tech, specifically in cloud. The organization found that while women were involved in many cloud projects, they were often not given a platform to speak about their accomplishments, Wu said.

In her experience with open source, sharing about your own work is how you grow knowledge and improve your own work, and it encourages you to do your best work, since it is available for peer review.

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Over the years, cloud became the enabler of other technologies, Wu said. And CloudNOW found women were implementing data science, IoT, and other types of projects on cloud platforms. “If you look at the awards over the years, we have now started expanding the scope of the awards to include women that are implementing the leading edge technologies within their end-user organization, and actually delivering real-world value,” she said.

Through CloudNOW’s research, they found it’s very important for women to see other women within their organizations who are able to accelerate and achieve their goals, and be able to watch a role model who they’re able to emulate, Graham said. This is one of the most important ways for women to feel like there’s a cultural fit in the industry, and understand there’s a growth trajectory.

“The cultures that women can really accelerate in have to be able to be inclusive–to be able to be an environment where it’s already set up so people feel like they belong,” she said. “I think that is actually one of the key things that’s going to start making impact for the tech field.”

Find CloudNOW’s 2017 Top 10 women in cloud winners here.

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