From Techdirt:

“Kicking A Spammer In The Nuts Daily Turns Out To Be Effective
“While some people are big fans of the idea of

vigilante justice against spammers, it seems only likely to lead to

problems eventually. However, with companies such as IBM buying into the idea of vigilante justice on spammers, it’s no surprise that the idea has built up quite a strong following. The latest effort, launched just last month, was named Kick a Spammer in the Nuts Daily

(descriptive, yes?) and consists of having a ton of people fill out

bogus orders on spammed sites. Brian McWilliams is now saying this

method has worked against one spammer who is now begging for mercy.

However, as McWilliams notes, it’s unlikely most spammers will give in.

Many will figure out ways around these attacks — and they may start

attacking back. And, of course, these sorts of vigilante actions way

too often end up with totally innocent parties being harmed as well.

While it’s enjoyable to see a spammer begging for mercy, the risks of

this method mean it’s likely to backfire at some point.”

If somebody out there can think of a way to ro-sham-bo the spammers who

abuse the TR messaging systems, I’d be willing to test the theory