Wikipedia is accurateFor all I know, some industrious Geekend or Geek Trivia fan out there has actually created a Wikipedia entry for the blog or the newsletter (or, more importantly, for me), and the Wikitorial illuminati have since erased it because I…er, we lack notability.

If it can happen to Killian’s Angels, then it could happen to Geekend, I guess.

Which leads me to a crisis of curiosity. I’m a longtime believer in Wikipedia (whence comes much Geek Trivia inspiration), and I totally get the logic behind not letting it devolve from a valued public resource to a wasteland of self-serving PR pimpery. But, as a guy who has been cited in Wikipedia articles, I’m curious whether my column and myself fall within the notability threshold.

Now, the rules clearly state that I can’t create an entry about myself (though I could probably edit one to some degree), so there’s no way to directly test this. However, if someone out there wanted to test the theory for me, I’d be eternally grateful and probably mention it on my next TechTalkWRLR appearance if getting a shout-out on radio/podcast does anything for you. (Hint hint.)

Just sayin’. (PLEASE!)

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