Since the release of Quantum, Firefox has, once again, become the darling browser of the universe. Or something like that. There are many reasons for this rise in popularity. One of those reasons is the Test Pilot program. For those who’ve never heard of this, let me explain it.

Test Pilot allows the Firefox developers to release new features in such a way that enables them to collect statistics on each experiment to better understand if and how they are being used. If a certain experiment gains a good amount of usage, it could wind up being rolled into an upgrade. And don’t think these features are silly additions that do little to improve your Firefox experience. Some go a long way toward improving Firefox’s usability. And since the experiments change regularly, you never know what might pop up.

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Best of all, you get to decide which experiments you want installed on your browser. If you want nothing to do with an experiment, don’t add it. Test Pilot allows Firefox developers to take bigger risks with feature concepts, at a low cost to Mozilla. In other words, this is a win-win for both users and Mozilla.

But how do you install Test Pilot? Easy. Point Firefox to Scroll down until you see the Install The Test Pilot Add-on button and click it. When prompted, click Add. That’s it. The extension is installed. You can now go back to the Test Pilot website and add experiments to Firefox. Trust me when I say that Test Pilot is something you want installed on Firefox. You’ll not only get a sneak peak into possible concepts that might make their way into the full Firefox feature set, you’ll help the developers decide on which of those concepts to keep. Happy piloting!