Here’s an ad from Apple slamming the Pentium II for being slower than the PowerPC. Ooooh, what a difference a couple of years make.


This ad comes from around 1997 when Apple introduced the PowerMac G3. At the time, PowerMacs were running the IBM/Apple/Motorola designed PowerPC CPU. Apple had a lot of fun poking fun at how slow the Pentium II was in comparison to the PowerPC.

At the time, it was a fair comparison. The Pentium IIs were much slower at the same clock speed than the PowerPC chips. The problem was Intel wasn’t sitting still. Competition from AMD forced Intel to create the Pentium III, the P4’s, and then the Core CPUs. Within the span of 10 years, the Intel architecture left the PowerPCs choking in their dust.

And in the final irony of ironies, now the Macintosh runs on Intel CPUs.

Seems like one of those things where you shouldn’t say bad things about a coworker because then they’ll end up your boss. Slam the competitor’s CPU and then wind up running it yourself. Ooops.