Although many hardware manufacturers are offering 108Mbps

products, these in practise rarely operate above 50Mbps (TomsNetworking

tests).  High speeds are currently

offered using MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) or similar technologies,

this basically means that the devices use multiple channels to send/receive data,

this is pretty controversial as it means more traffic in busy areas and is

pretty much seen as marketing spin to keep people upgrading while real benefits

are questionable, especially as various manufacturers standards wiffer and are incompatible

with each other.

802.11n is now on it’s way, this will offer true standards

for high speed WiFi with Broadcom announcing it’s Intensi-fi chips are now

available in sampling—These have a maximum throughput of 300Mbps!  Marvell, another manufacturer of WiFi chips

has announced that it also has 802.11n chips ready for testing, these have a

potential for working at up to 600Mbps!

Speeds like this will truly open up WiFi as a realistic

alternative to wired networks for high bandwidth applications, Voice Over IP

and even Video Conferencing.