Check out the WiigoBot, a Lego NXT robot designed to bowl a perfect 300 game on Nintendo WiiSports (the Trivia Geek’s personal best is a mere 220). To quote the Battlebricks Web site: “You are looking at a Wii Remote mounted on a robotically controlled swing. A second motor is used to trigger the bowling, by first Pressing the A button and left arrow, and then holding down the B button, swinging, and finally releasing the B button.”

The robot requires some anchors to keep from flipping over, so the builder has used a copy of Linux Unleashed and Programmer’s Guide to Visual C++. Tells you something about the guy. The accompanying video is kinda dull, since each frame of the game looks exactly the same, and the control repetition didn’t have the robot hit the A button to skip the shot replay (I hate players that do that). Still, it’s pretty cool to see a handbuilt home automaton outbowl even seasoned WiiBA bowlers. They replace us all, I tells ya!