Blogger Jack Wallen has written on the subject of Linux desktops recently, particularly the highly customizable Enlightenment. I ran across this preview of KDE 4 from Kristin Shoemaker at, which is due to launch officially next week. Apparently there are some fairly significant changes to the design, and how much you like it probably depends on your status as Linux newbie vs. power user:

KDE is known for being highly customizable, both in terms of how the desktop looks and behaves, and how it ultimately handles the hardware on the system. The good news for you as a new Linux user is the amount of control you’ll have over the desktop. You’ll be able to configure things to look and act exactly as you want. The bad news? The amount of control you have can be puzzling to the point of frustration.

KDE 4 isn’t the only new package to look out for. Matt Hartley at is high on the potential of Fedora 8 to unseat the popular Ubuntu. He particularly likes the Pulseaudio package that will be installed by default for additional control over sound devices.

Are you shopping for a new desktop, looking to upgrade, or happy with what you’ve got?