The introduction of WiMAX in the UK seems to be moving steadily forward with a recent announcement that Pipex Wireless and Nokia Siemens Networks will be working together.

Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure providers in the world, operating in 150 countries they provide both mobile and fixed network solutions.  Pipex Wireless was formed by Pipex and Intel Capital in 2006 with the aim of rolling out WiMAX services to the UK market.  Combining  Pipex’s experience in internet and broadband with Nokia Siemens Networks expertise in deploying solid network infrastructure should see WiMAX well on it’s way.  There are already two active WiMAX trials being run in Milton Keynes and Warwick with more promised later this year.  I’ll be interested to see whether the first commercial use of WiMAX will be as a wireless DSL alternative or whether it will play a more covert role; connecting multiple WIFI hotspots to the internet for example.