Upgrading an OS is a lot like cooking—starting from scratch often produces the best results. A clean, reformatted hard drive and a fresh OS install usually clear up any potential problems, especially when dealing with finicky BIOSs and manufacturer utilities.

Member Mark Dymond (Blackcurrant) can testify to this. He recently encountered serious headaches when attempting to upgrade the OS on his Toshiba Satellite 220CDS. Mark decided to enter the 21st century and upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows 98. Disc in hand (the Win98 upgrade edition), Mark began the conversion process, but ran into a snare:

“[I receive] a setup error message stating that Toshiba Tools 95 is incompatible with Win98. I have been to the Toshiba Web site and have upgraded the BIOS. [I’ve] even downloaded and installed the Toshiba tools for Windows 98.”

Regrettably, his attempts to upgrade the OS after these changes still produced the same error: Toshiba Tools For Win95 Are Incompatible With Win98.

What the heck are Toshiba Tools?
So, what are Toshiba Tools, and what do they do? An Internet search and a visit to Toshiba’s Web site didn’t shed much light on the issue, but it seems that “Tools” refers to the Toshiba Notebook Tools And Utilities CD. This is your run-of-the-mill recovery CD that contains systems drivers (modem, graphics, and sound) and basic applications (power management).

As TheChas points out, the procedure for upgrading to Win98 is explained explicitly on the Toshiba Support Web site. In following these instructions, Mark updated the BIOS and downloaded and installed four new drivers. In addition, he upgraded to the Win98 version of Toshiba Notebook Tools.

Lingering software
The conflict between Toshiba Tools and Win98 persisted, though, keeping Mark from successfully upgrading to Win98. To remedy the situation, Mark wanted to remove Toshiba Tools for Win95 from his machine, but was unable to via conventional methods, i.e., Add/Remove Programs. In fact, Toshiba Tools for Win95 couldn’t be found at all. Obviously, the lingering Win95 version of Tools was not being removed during the upgrade. Thus, the conflict with Win98 continued.

“I cannot determine how to uninstall the Tools for 95. There is no option in Add/Remove Programs to do this, nor is there an entry under Start | Programs. I have also trawled the hard drive and tried various programs including the Toshiba utilities, but can find no reference to the Tools for 95.”

TheChas suggested a more daring approach to uninstall the Win95 Tools. “How willing are you to explore the Registry?” TheChas says this is what he does to get rid of software or drivers that don’t seem to uninstall or delete.


This article suggests ways to edit your system Registry. Using the Windows Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that could require you to reinstall your operating system or cause data loss. TechRepublic does not and will not support problems that arise from your editing the Registry. Use the Registry Editor and the following directions at your own risk.

How to get rid of pesky files
To delete the registry entries related to a program and remove the files from the hard drive, perform the following:

  1. Begin Regedit.
  2. Search the Registry for the related program, in this case, Toshiba Tools.
  3. Find keys that have the Tools listed and jot down some of the unique words in the keys before deleting them.
  4. Search again using the unique words to find related keys. Be careful not to delete device-driver keys.
  5. Exit Regedit.
  6. Delete the Toshiba Tools files from the hard drive.
  7. Run Sysedit and verify that Toshiba Tools is not invoked as a startup file.
  8. If it is, delete the line in the file, or place the letters REM and a space at the start of the line.
  9. Reboot and verify that Toshiba Tools is gone.

Fdisk for a fresh start
Other solutions exist that might be easier to perform than a serious Regedit. Member Crowngreen, after upgrading several Toshiba laptops of his own, suggested starting from scratch with a clean drive and a fresh install. To do so you must:

  1. Run Fdisk to reformat the hard drive. (Remember to back up your files.)
  2. Install Win95.
  3. Update the BIOS (per Toshiba’s instructions).
  4. Run the Win98 upgrade CD.
  5. Install four new Win98 drivers (per Toshiba’s instructions).

Although Mark was trying to avoid reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Win95, this seems to be the most logical and easiest solution. He said, “It looks as though I am going to have to Fdisk and upgrade. Although I have no problem doing this, I really did not want to [start] from scratch. Thanks for your valuable input.”