The first major update to Windows 10 will be made available on August 2nd.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update, which will be released just over one year since Windows 10 launched, will be rolled out to all devices Windows 10 runs on — PCs, phones, tablets, Surface Hub, Xbox One, Internet of Things devices and HoloLens.

The Anniversary Update will add various features — including extensions to the Edge browser, better support for writing using a digital pen, more commands for the virtual assistant Cortana, new gaming options and improved security — such as biometric log-in to apps and websites using Windows Hello.

While Microsoft has detailed most of the Anniversary Update’s features already, it did offer more information about how the release will improve security for enterprise.

Windows Information Protection, previously known as Enterprise Data Protection, will help protect against accidental data leaks. The feature uses containerisation file techniques to keep personal and enterprise data separate, as well as imposing various controls over who can access which data.

The other security feature aimed at enterprise is Windows 10 Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP), a service for detecting online threats and attacks. While Windows 10 already includes the Windows Defender antivirus, this new service will attempt to spot emerging threats by analysing large amounts of security data and suggest responses to breaches. WDATP has been tested by 300 enterprises ahead of launch.

Microsoft has made early builds of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs and phones available to testers under the Windows Insider program for several months.

Microsoft says Windows 10 is running on 350 million devices. That’s not just PCs but also phones, tablets, Xbox Ones and other devices. This figure reflects the number of Windows 10 devices that have been active in the past month and is up from 300 million in May this year.

Microsoft has been pushing hard to get Windows 7 and 8.x users to switch to Windows 10 before the free upgrade offer ends on July 29th this year and recently had to reverse a controversial change to its upgrade program.

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