The Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 got an upgrade in October, including a design refresh and sorting options for customized organization.

Users can now sort their message list by sender, and preview images that are attached or inserted into an email. Search results are now grouped by conversation. For business users, the changes organize the inbox, making it faster to find the person or email you’re looking for.

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The features are only available for Windows Insiders, with a full roll out in the coming weeks. Some options, like the message list sorting feature, are currently only available for and Office 365 accounts.

The apps also got a design refresh. Users can set a background photo and select one of hundreds of colors to customize their workspace. Users can also resize the message list to adjust the layout.

The update adds to several features released in the past few months, such as @mentions inside of emails, “I’ll be late” meeting notifications, and linking inboxes to see all of your email in one spot.

The features follow the news that the paid version of, Premium, is getting the axe. Many of its enterprise-friendly features, including no ads and a personalized email address, are being folded into Office 365. Current subscriptions to the service can be renewed, but new users can’t sign up anymore.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. The October update for Mail and Calendar on Windows 10 included a slew of changes for personal use, but a few stand out as good options for business users.
  2. Users can sort their message list by sender, and search results are grouped by conversation to help business users organize and find information faster.
  3. The apps also got a design refresh with more options for visual customization, allowing users to style their workplace however they work best.

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