Windows 10: Microsoft abandons plan to warn users about installing Chrome and Firefox

A message advising users to stick with Microsoft Edge appears to have been removed from the latest test builds of Windows 10.

The next Windows 10 update will introduce progressive web apps

Microsoft appears to have dropped plans to warn Windows 10 users when they install Chrome or Firefox.

Test builds of Windows 10 had displayed the message 'You already have Microsoft Edge - the safer, faster browser for Windows 10' when users attempted to install Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers.

However, TechRepublic's sister site CNET has found the message appears to have been removed from the latest test builds of Windows 10 available under the Windows Insider Program.

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The message prompted a strong backlash among users who felt the warning to be intrusive and unnecessary.

It's also unclear whether Microsoft could back up the claim that Microsoft Edge was both faster and safer than all other rival browsers.

In tests, TechRepublic found that Edge was beaten by Chrome in two out of three benchmarks for the web scripting language JavaScript . It was also very slightly behind Chrome and Firefox in its support for the latest web technologies.

And while Edge offers additional protection against malware in the form of Windows Defender Application Guard, this is not available to all Windows 10 users.

Despite the benchmark differences, the browsers are broadly similar in how rapidly they load websites, and a bigger issue is likely to be the lack of browser extensions available for Edge relative to Chrome and Firefox.

Only a small proportion of Windows 10 users choose Edge, according to NetMarketShare, echoing results gathered by browser data aggregators.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Microsoft has dropped plans to warn Windows 10 users against installing rival browsers to Edge.
  • The u-turn follows a backlash against the warnings in test builds of Windows 10.

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