Microsoft is modernizing its Disk Management tool for Windows 10 users as part of Preview Build 20197.

Unlike the traditional ‘snap-in’ Disk Management MMC console, the new, “modern experience” will allow users to manage their disks directly from the Settings pane. From there, they can easily view disk information, create and format volumes and assign drive letters.

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The existing Disk Management MMC snap-in is still available for those who need it, though Microsoft pegs the update as a more intuitive means of managing disks and their partitions on Windows 10, removing the need for users to root around in endless Settings and Control Panel options.

Instead, users simple navigate to Settings > System > Storage, and then click Manage Disks and Volumes.

“Unlike the existing Disk Management MMC snap-in, this modern experience was built from the ground up with accessibility in mind,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft is making disk management easier on Windows 10.

The new Disk Management tool also features better integration with Storage Spaces, which lets Windows users group drives together into a storage pool, which can be used to create virtual drives. These drives can be used to store backups of system data to protect users against drive failures and resulting data loss.

Interestingly, Preview Build 20197 also sees some recently introduced features rolled back.

Build 20190 introduced a new post-update experience designed to flag important or otherwise useful updates to the Windows 10 OS, following the installation of a new software update.

It now looks as though Microsoft is putting the brakes on this particular feature for the time being. “The new post update experience with the Tips app mentioned with Build 20190 was a trial run for this experience to get feedback and gauge interest and specific only to Build 20190,” the company said.

“You will not see this experience on newer builds. Insiders may see other experiences like this one on newer builds coming soon.”

Other changes in Preview Build 20190 include tweaks to the ALT + Tab behavior in the new Microsoft Edge browser. This will now bring up five tabs “at most” by default, instead of displaying any and all recent tabs. Microsoft is also exploring the idea of introducing a Web Browsing section within the Settings header, which may be rolled out to Insiders soon.