One of the most useful features added by the latest major feature update to Windows 10 is Windows Timeline.

A key feature of Timeline is giving users the ability to pick up where they left off as they switch between devices, allowing users to continue working on files, apps and sites they had open on other machines.

Now that ability to have different devices share a web browsing history is available in the Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi, thanks to a new add-on by a third-party developer.

The Windows Timeline Support extension lets Chrome and Firefox users sync their browsing history between different Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices, providing each device is signed into the same Microsoft account.

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Users can even push the current tab they have open in the browser to other devices signed into the same account.

To avoid cluttering the shared history, users can also set how many seconds they are on a page before it appears in the cross-device shared history.

Microsoft Edge browser already offers cross-device browsing history by default. The Windows Timeline Support add-on is available for Chrome here and for Firefox here.

The developer says the add-on is in beta, and that it is working on a feature that will allow certain URLs to be excluded from the shared history, such as login URLs and URL shorteners.

The wider Windows 10 April 2018 Update has not been without its issues, with a variety of issues, including reboot loops, triggered by the update and subsequent fixes.