Microsoft has added more design elements to make Windows 10 easier to use for designers and developers, according to a recent report from MS Power User.

Microsoft released its design language Fluent Design in 2017 to replace MDL2, with a new version of the Mail and Calendar apps. Since then, the company has added new tools for Windows 10 developers to use to design Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, including Z-depth and Shadow for 2D and 3D graphics, as our sister site ZDNet reported.

Since then, Microsoft has added more design elements, including new controls to the XAML Controls Gallery–an app developed by Microsoft to demonstrate all of the controls available in the Fluent Design System and XAML, according to MS Power User. The app’s recent update includes new Motion controls, which offer a glimpse into the controls Microsoft will likely add to Windows in the future.

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The new Motion XAML controls include animation interoperability, such as using a natural motion composition animation on a UIElement, ExpressionAnimation on an Ellipse element, and moving several related animations together using ExpressionAnimation, the report noted.

The update also includes connected animation features, such as creating connected animations between a list page and a detail page, or between elements on the same page. Finally, with new theme transitions, designers can use the EntranceThemeTransition when adding items to a page, and use PopupThemeTransition to animate opening and closing a popup, the report said.

These controls are now available in the XAML Controls Gallery app, which is available in the Microsoft Store, MS Power User noted. Microsoft also added the code below each control, so developers can more easily add them to their apps. While it is unclear if–or when–Microsoft will add these controls to Windows 10, it’s likely that more Fluent Design elements will arrive with the upcoming 19H1 update to Windows 10, the report noted.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Microsoft has added more design elements to make Windows 10 easier to use for designers and developers.
  • The updates include new controls to the XAML Controls Gallery, such as animation interoperability and theme transitions.