Windows 7 RC gets released

The long-awaited Windows 7 release candidate makes an entrance, Google reveals more details about the upcoming Android 1.5, Google Latitude gets new capabilities and more in this week's Roundup.

The hype over Windows 7 continues after the release candidate was unveiled to the public this week. The last test instalment introduces some nifty features, including Remote Media Streaming for the Media Player. However, the software giant is staying silent about the final release date.

Google revealed more details about the upcoming Android 1.5, dubbed Cupcake. Amongst the new features coming out is the ability to record and upload videos to YouTube. The company has also upgraded Latitude to allow users to share their whereabouts with friends who are not using the service. You can now show your location on Google Talk via the status message or embed a badge on your web page, like you would a Google Map.

In security news, yet another Facebook virus was released that can hijack accounts using the victim's session cookie. In another issue, hackers have gotten more creative by luring users to fake search engines, tricking them into downloading malware. According to PandaLabs, one such faux search engine got 195,000 visits.

Adobe also vowed to fix vulnerabilities found in Reader and Acrobat, while Google issued patches for the latest version of Chrome.

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-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic