We’ve just published a new gallery of Windows BSOD messages.

Looking at some of these screens brings back some painful memories for

me from across the years. One of them was a BSOD that popped up on an

Exchange server at my last job during my final week there. What a

nightmare. I ended up putting in long hours that week and had to do

some restores from backups. The mail system was down for a couple long

stretches that week. If I remember correctly, in the end it turned out

to be a conflict with the backup drive. Fun stuff.

Interestingly, I think I only ever experienced one or two BSODs with

Windows 2000 Professional (when I managed a network of those machines).

However, I’ve run into a lot more BSODs with Windows XP Pro, mostly

dealing with hardware conflicts and incompatibilities. Has anyone else

had the same experience? I’ve always assumed that those problems have

had to do with XP merging the code base of Windows NT and Windows 9x. I

assume 9x introduced some problems into the NT code base, which was

pretty solid prior to XP. Would you agree?

Take a look at the BSOD gallery and if it jogs your memory of any horror stories, please share them.

Windows BSOD gallery

We also have an article called “Extract troubleshooting info from Windows XP BSOD error messages” that is worth reading (and you can download the article as a PDF).