Windows keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot and more

These less-well-known keyboard shortcuts will help you open Task Manager, launch File Explorer, lock your computer and more without touching the mouse.

Video: Windows keyboard shortcuts improve productivity

This tip from Ed Bott, outlines a few less well-known keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and few mouse clicks.

These two shortcuts work on any Windows version:

  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc opens the Task Manager, which is great for quickly closing apps that aren't responding.
  • Need to quickly access a file or folder? Hold down the Windows key + E to open the File Explorer.

For Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, here are some new shortcuts:

  • Windows key + L will immediately lock the PC, which is a good security measure when stepping away from your machine.
  • Windows key + X is a faster way to open Quick Link menu than right-clicking on Start.
  • Windows key + I opens the Windows Settings app, where you can search for a setting by just typing its name.
  • Windows key + Print Screen takes a screenshot and saves it in a subfolder of Pictures.