Even though Windows Vista just shipped, the next version of Windows Server remains somewhere over the horizon.  As such, that means continuing to support Windows Server 2003.  Microsoft has kept the OS going by first releasing Service Pack 1 and then by releasing Windows Server 2003 R2 which included SP1 plus a few other tweaks. 

Microsoft has been talking about releasing Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 for a while now, but they only said that it would be available ‘in Q1 2007’. With no formal announcement, imagine my surprise when I started up one of the test servers here today and fired up Windows Update:




Lo and behold, Windows Server 2003 SP2 was there waiting to be installed.  Checking Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 SP2 Web site revealed nothing but information about the Release Candidate, not the Service Pack itself. (By the time you’re viewing this, it might have changed.)

So, being a test server, I decided to install it. It’s funny how those Service Packs sneak up on you when you’re not looking.