Windows Service Pack 6a corrects SP6 Notes errors

Leading off the week's bug and patch news is Microsoft's Service Pack 6a for Windows NT, which repairs Notes and Winsock application errors created by SP6.

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Windows SP6a addresses Notes, Winsock issues
Windows Service Pack 6a fixes errors experienced with Lotus Notes and Winsock applications due to the installation of Service Pack 6. SP6a also includes an update to the IIS 3.0 log converter utility, according to Microsoft.

For more information, or to download the SP6a, click here. The patch is also available on CD-ROM from Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-007)
Security bulletin MS00-007 addresses a vulnerability in Windows NT 4.0. Without the patch, it’s possible that a malicious user could create, delete, or modify files in the Recycle Bin of another user who shared the machine. However, it’s unlikely the vulnerability would permit malicious users to read the files, unless they already had read permissions.

A FAQ, the patch, and more information can be foundhere.

IE Java Virtual Machine hole found
A security hole has been discovered that could permit hackers to steal files from victims who are using Internet Explorer 4.5 or 5.01 and Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine to surf the Internet. The addition of a single line of embedded Java code is all that’s needed to trigger the security breach.

It’s recommended that users disable Java until a patch is released.

NetWare support packs released
Novell has released Support Pack 8a for NetWare 4.11 and 4.2. Among other updates, the patch:
  • Corrects the server parameters being set by the SP install
  • Updates the file LONG.NAM
  • Updates the file NLIST.EXE that contains a year 2000 display fix
  • Corrects an issue where ATCFG.NLM would not autoload with INETCFG

More information on Support Pack 8a can be found on Novell’s Web site.

Visio viruses reported
A pair of Visio viruses has been identified, although they are not believed to exist in the wild. V5M_Radiant and V5M_Unstable can infect Visio 5 and Visio 2000.

V5M_Radiant, while not destructive, creates a C:\index.html file that includes nonsensical text about a multitude of suns orbiting empty space and speaking with light. V5M_Unstable is also non-destructive, but it is set to display a message on the 31st of every month. However, it can infect Visio templates, so it’s capable of spreading.

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