I recently downloaded Firefox version 1.5 and I am very impressed with its capabilities. I especially like the themes and extensions that I can take advantage of. Once such extension is IETab.This extension is similar to IE View, in that it allows you to view a page in Internet Explorer. The major difference is that IETAB opens a tab within Firefox and loads the proper IE website. This is great! You can run Windows Update from within Firefox. Let’s explore this a little further. After installing the extension, (see Figure A.) choose Tools | IE Tab Options (see Figure B.) to specify the web sites that you want IE to use within Firefox.

Figure A.

Figure B.

Within the IE Tab Options window, you can specify the sites that must be opened in IE (see Figure C). Once you specify the web site and click add, the next time you type the web site address or select the bookmark, the site automatically opens using IE in a tab in Firefox. See Figure D. for an example of running Windows update from within Firefox.

Figure C.

Figure D.

With this extension, you now have the ability to abandon Internet Explorer if it suits your fancy. Do you have any other great Firefox tips or extensions that you use? Let us know!