Microsoft have released Windows Vista Beta2 only 6 weeks later than the

original target of April 12th.  The first release candidate has also

been put back a month to August 25th (as a target).  Manufacturers were

due to receive Windows Vista on August 25th, however, this has been put

back until October 25th!  This long line of delays is creating

speculation over the state of the next major Windows release–consumer

release is expected to be in January 2007, missing the pre-Christmas

sales boom.  Running past this holiday period will however take some

pressure off of Microsoft; many analysts say that after missing the

holiday sales period means that January 2007 may as well be July!

When we’ll really see Windows Vista on the shelves is a mystery–I’m

personally praying Apple will release OS X for general PC installation;

there would be no contest over which to buy!