If you want to discuss upgrades with me, be sure to wear a raincoat. Simply hearing the word makes me want to spit on the ground. It use to mean new toys and dead bugs. Now it means bend over while we introduce a few new problems! Yes, I admit that I’m suffering from upgradaphobia. I’m sick of it. Enough already!Unfortunately, it’s just going to get worse. Vista, Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system is now appearing in our collective nightmare. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve heard about it. Everyone hates it, but we’re all going to buy it, run it, support it, and eventually, pay tribute to it.

Now, there’s a lot I could say about Vista. I could try to convince you that you’ll love it. At least, that’s what Microsoft promises. All that marketing hype is already out there and easy enough to find. Instead, I’m going to give you the skinny on this one — you’re going to support Vista whether you want to or not:

  • It is almost impossible to buy a new pc that’s running traditional Windows. They’re all running Vista. Now, if you have the buying power, you might be able to work a deal with someone. It’s worth a try and good luck with that. I know a few people who have downgraded after purchasing their new Vista systems, but it wasn’t easy.
  • There will be no more upgrades to Windows.

Whether you have new PC’s in this year’s budget or the head honcho wants a new laptop, you’re going to have to support Vista.

Traditional Windows isn’t dead, but it’s time to call in Hospice. When you upgrade to Vista is up to you, but you are going to — how Borg of Microsoft.