A rumored patch for Vista reliability, said to be slated for Patch Tuesday, is available now to download from Microsoft.

A leak last week suggested the software giant was almost ready to ship a patch for numerous Vista problems, and the release timing would be tied to Patch Tuesday. Instead, it appeared a week early. Microsoft says it will improve memory management, reliability, performance, and responsiveness in various scenarios, as well as these problems:

  • Long delays on exit from the Photos screen saver
  • Windows Energy screen saver memory leaks
  • Network printer install failures if User Account Control is disabled and the network printer is hosted by a Windows XP-based or a Windows Server 2003-based computer
  • File header corruption of AVI files when using the AVIStreamWrite function
  • File copy and move “estimated time remaining” takes a long time to show
  • Post-hibernation log-on screen long delays or loss of default gateway address
  • Off-line file corruption when synchronizing that file to a server
  • Canon EOS 1D or 1DS camera RAW files lose data

Of course, some cures are worse than then disease, and past patches from Redmond have been problematic. How long will you wait before implementing this patch?