Are you curious about how much the various versions of the upcoming Windows Vista will cost? While the prices aren’t officially released, Microsoft’s Canadian Web site accidentally posted this information. See the news story: “Microsoft Canada leaks Vista pricing.”

According to the story, “Microsoft quickly removed the price information, but blogger Ed Bott, who spotted the price list earlier Monday, included the price list in a ZDNet posting. Bott cautioned that those trying to figure out U.S. pricing would be better off comparing the Canadian Vista prices to their XP counterparts than to try and just convert to U.S. dollars.”

“A Microsoft representative said the company ‘;inadvertently posted Windows Vista Canadian retail prices’ on its Web site but said it has removed the posting and is not ready to share U.S. pricing information. The company said it would announce those prices when it ships the ‘Release Candidate 1’ test version, due out by September.”

Do you think this posting was really a “mistake” – or are you as suspicious as I am about the publicity that this information would shine on Windows Vista? Clever Canada….