On July 8th, 2008, I asked IT Dojo blog readers to tell us which Windows version was most prevalent among their end users. Three weeks later, over 1,300 people had answered the poll and picked a clear winner.

With 92 percent of the vote, Windows XP is still the clear favorite among the end users of those who answered the poll. Windows Vista was the second most-prevalent Windows version with four percent of the responses. Windows 2000 followed closely with three percent. And, Windows 95 (or earlier), Windows 98, and Windows Me accounted for only one percent of responses.

Although I wasn’t surprised by Windows XP’s dominance in our poll, I was surprised by the extremely low response for Windows Vista. More than a year after Vista’s release, Microsoft still struggles to counter the operating system’s lackluster image. Microsoft is finally starting to address Vista’s image problem, but as IT departments already look ahead to Windows 7, it might be too late to save Vista.