Microsoft Watch is reporting that the Redmond software giant is close to finalizing its versions of Windows Vista. As previously reported, there will no longer be separate versions for Media Center or Tablet PC, instead that functionality will be built into several versions of Vista. Here’s the latest on what the Vista lineup will look like:

  • Windows Starter 2007 — limited version for emerging markets
  • Windows Vista Home Basic — for a single PC home
  • Windows Vista Home Premium — multiple PC homes and personal laptops, will include Media Center
  • Windows Vista Ultimate — uber-Windows for home users, aimed at gamers and multimedia technophiles; combines Home Premium and Business
  • Windows Vista Business — the successor to Win2K Pro and XP Pro; will include TabletPC software
  • Windows Vista Enterprise — a superset of Vista Business, but only available to Software Assurance subscribers
  • Windows Vista Home Basic N — Home Premium with no Media Player (to meet European regulations)
  • Windows Vista Business N — Business with no Media Player (to meet European regulations)

There were earlier rumors of a “Windows Vista Small Business” edition, but that one doesn’t seem to have made the cut.