Wired keyboards lead to tin foil hat wearing

Just because you don't wear a tin foil hat, doesn't mean they aren't after you keystrokes.

Just because you don't wear a tin foil hat, doesn't mean they aren't after your keystrokes. Two Swiss researchers showed this week that recovering keystrokes from wired keyboard is definitely within the realm of possibility.

As shown in the videos in the story; although the researchers remove some surrounding devices to reduce interference, passwords can still be read through walls.

The Google Android phone finally went on sale in the US this week, providing the iPhone with some developer and consumer competition. In positive news for open source lovers, the Android source code has been shown the light of day.

In the world according to Microsoft, Redmond confirmed that there will be SP2 for Vista and Office 2007. Locally, the MS piracy squad was taking three individuals to court for trade in pirated and counterfeit software, and a game of tag using the GPS capabilities of mobile phones took out the Devsta Challenge.

Club Builder this week stuck with the Microsoft theme and showed the loops that must be jumped through to make Windows 7 actually equal version 7 of Windows.

From the land of sweeping generalisations, Microsoft's top IP lawyer said that all companies nowadays were "mixed source", making use of both proprietary and open source software.

If the global financial crisis was getting you down, then here is something to take heart in. At least one recruiter believes that the local jobs market is still buoyant. But he would say that, wouldn't he?