Wireless Security FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about wireless security.

Providing mobile IT pros with remote access to all business apps may put a company's vital information at risk. Read Security in the Wireless Revolution to find out about today's available wireless systems and the type of security you need to avoid costly and dangerous security concerns.

Wireless Security FAQ

Going wireless is a big step, and maintaining wireless security is an ongoing process. So it's little surprise that IT pros have so many questions about wireless technology. We've gathered some of those most frequently asked and invited our wireless expert, Brien Posey, to answer them. The FAQ list will be constantly evolving, so you're invited to send us other questions you may have. Just mail them to us or post them in the discussion area at the end of this FAQ.

Is it true that WEP can be easily hacked?

Can a Pringles can be used as an antenna by hackers?

Can a VPN ensure wireless privacy?

If WEP encryption is so insecure, then why does 802.1x rely on it?

Is it true that wireless network users are themselves vulnerable to security breaches even when connected to a corporate LAN via a wireless VPN connection?

If I have never shared any files or folders on my hard disk, is my information still vulnerable to compromise while I am using a wireless connection?

Is it safe not to tunnel traffic that is ultimately destined for the Internet?

How can a wireless workstation be subject to buffer overflow attacks?

How does public key security work?

Can a hacker attack an access point?

Is SSID broadcasting a security threat?

Does MAC filtering work as a security measure?

Is DHCP a security threat?

Is signal jamming a security issue?

Can adjusting signal strength help secure a wireless network?

If I have implemented all of the standard security mechanisms, can I guarantee network security?

Should I use SNMP to manage my wireless network?

I can't adjust the power level on my access point, and the antenna is not removable. Is there any way to help to prevent the signal from leaving the building?

How can I audit a wireless network?

How can I detect rogue access points on my wireless network?

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