Wizeline, which makes a software of the same name, just acquired a previously independent subsidiary called Wize Services. The two plan to become a powerhouse of company roadmapping, planning, and vertically integrated software development.

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Project management: every company has to tackle it, and for many it’s the top of the chain. If you’re a business owner or are responsible for strategy you know that project management is just one part of the greater whole that makes your company operate smoothly, which is where software like Wizeline comes in.

Wizeline combines PM with portfolio management, strategy planning, data gathering, initiative planning, and roadmapping so that you have a complete top-level picture all in one place.

Wizeline is also designed to integrate with software like Salesforce and Atlassian and boasts a flexible API designed to make merging platforms a breeze.

“When I worked on developing the Google Adwords platform I noticed something,” said Wizeline founder Bismarck Lepe. “There was simply too much information coming in, which often led to poor decisions and product roadmaps being made.”

Lepe founded Wizeline to help eliminate some of that confusion and to make planning simpler for business owners and executives. By packaging Wizeline and Wize Services he hopes to simplify the development process from the very first moments of a project’s incubation.

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Strategy meets execution

If Wizeline is all about strategizing and planning then Wize Services is all about execution. Wize offers teams called “pods” that consist of five engineers, UX designer, technical writer, and project manager.

Wize teams have tackled projects that include mobile apps, CMS suites, social media integration for blogs, and a variety of other projects. But why should you chose to outsource your entire software development department?

“The hiring choices you make are, to a degree, limited by your location,” Lepe said. “At Wize we can hire the best talent available–something that simply might not be possible for another organization.”

Wize Services also guarantees the team for the duration of a project, which Lepe said can greatly help a smaller company. “An engineering pod can absorb a lot of blows that a small company might not be able to.”

If you’ve spent much time working with B2B companies you’ve probably heard a common selling point: outsource specializations so that you can spend time doing the stuff your company is really good at. Lepe hopes that merging Wizeline and Wize Services creates a platform that not only allows companies to plan better, but to execute smarter.

Could this be the last key to your organizational success? There’s only one way to find out.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  • If your organization has struggled to create long-term goals or find the right talent then it may be worth your time to contact Wizeline. Its software can make high-level operations easier, and an experienced dev team can get results without a lot of spin up time.
  • Every business should focus on what it does best. Writers don’t need to spend time monkeying around with a CMS, doctors don’t need to waste time marketing, and lawyers don’t need to be copywriters. Don’t be afraid to look to outside experts to get solutions faster.
  • Wizeline is designed to serve as a project management system that can help address higher-level needs. If you lack the resources to plan and execute critical projects, a platform like this might help.

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