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The wireless industry is constantly changing, and each passing year brings major advances. Read Where Wireless Networks are Going to find out about advances in the U.S.-based wireless cellular networks – including a look on security, reliability, and overall experience.

If you haven't already deployed a wireless LAN or started planning a deployment, you'll soon be in the minority. WLANs are spreading rapidly in organizations of all sizes.

Just a couple of years ago, IT departments were seriously spooked by the administration and security concerns involved with WLANs, and many were balking at rolling them out. However, there are now much better options for administering and securing WLANs, and the demand for them from users and management is driving lots of deployments.

We've collected some of our best resources from TechRepublic and TechProGuild on setting up, managing, troubleshooting, and tweaking wireless LANs. These are the kinds of resources that can help you take your wireless deployments to the next level of efficiency and performance.

  • "Vivato's WLAN switches extend Wi-Fi range"
    WLAN switches from Vivato can seriously increase the range and performance of your wireless network. See how they do it, the other features they can offer, and how much they cost.
  • "Troubleshooting the wireless woes"
    Here's a look at how one IT pro ran into a frustrating network connectivity problem at a workstation equipped with a wireless NIC. As you'll see, this IT pro could have benefited from some of the tips and tools presented here. There are also some interesting lessons in this experience.
  • "Master the art of wireless access point placement"
    Setting up a wireless access point (WAP) is not as simple as mounting it in a convenient spot. Learn how to position your WAPs in the right locations using the strategies in this article. It also offers a free Visio diagram you can download.
  • "Configuring a wireless LAN connection in Windows XP"
    The built-in configuration tools in Windows XP greatly improve the ease of setting up a wireless NIC. This walk-through shows how to set up a WLAN connection in XP and includes tips for dealing with some of the various options.

Some of our best wireless LAN articles are in TechProGuild. Note that you'll need a subscription to access these articles:

Next up…wireless security
Since security is still a paramount concern for IT departments when rolling out wireless LANs, we also have a ton of resources on wireless security. In fact, we have so many that we're going to include them in a separate article next week.

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