Female registrations have hit an all time high for Linux.conf.au (LCA) to be
held in Sydney next year.

More than 50 women have signed up to the traditionally male dominated event, which represents approximately 10% of the overall number of registrations.

Helping to boost the female ranks is a mini-conference being staged before
the main conference starts and the announcement of the first ever female
keynote speaker, Kathy Sierra, book author, master trainer at Sun
Microsystems and founder of www.javaranch.com.

Mary Gardiner, Linuxchix mini-conference organiser, told Builder AU most of
the women at the mini-conference who haven’t attended before “seem to have
felt that they don’t have a right to be part of a Free Software community
event, usually because they are not heavily involved in Free Software

“Having a community event hosted by LinuxChix, which is a group for users as
well as for developers, seems to have helped”, Gardiner added.

Talks covered at next year’s LinuxChix mini-conference event include
“Closing the Gender Pay Gap One Salary at a Time”, “Is Free Software a Macho
thing? Women and FOSS”, and “Social networking for fun and profit”.

The Linuxchix mini-conference will have women-only speakers but is open to
all delegates to attend.

BuilderAU will be covering LCA when it is held between 15th and 20th January