The most popular blogging platform, WordPress, is also a great tool for powering traditional, CMS websites utilizing the versatile properties of the PHP coding language with the MySQL database backend structure, thus allowing web developers to create wonderful web sites utilizing the WP canvas.

This post will highlight several remarkable web sites which are powered by WordPress; for many, you would not know that they are utilizing the powerful blogging platform.

Organic Soul developed its own exclusive, custom daily deal e-commerce plugin and uses WordPress to present a wide variety of content, ranging from articles to discussions.

Figure A

H-Mag – The high end magazine publishes 15,000 copies bi-monthly in the Hoboken area and uses Buddy Press and WordPress MU to publish a wide variety of content and have a highly interactive website with events, classified ads, and more.

Figure B

Clouds 365 Project uses the WP theme “Fullscreen”, and is a pure photo blog; the project is into its third year. The website is a photographic experiment by Kelly DeLay, shooting clouds everyday — as of this writing it has recorded 896 days and counting.

Figure C

Swiss Side uses a custom WP theme to power and promote their cycling in the Swiss Alps within a CMS and ecommerce platform with several customized fonts and plugins as well.

Figure D

Perth Zoo, located in Western Australia, utilizes a WordPress-based website with a custom theme, plugins, and custom post types to create an information-rich site useful to visitors and conservationists alike.

Figure E

The Royal Opera House website incorporates many snippets of images, video and audio, and memories throughout the decades of the Salford, UK opera house in a scrapbook style. These are randomized upon refreshing the page.

Figure F

Trout Fishing in America is the official website for the four-time Grammy nominated band and features band profiles, booking information, and more in this WordPress-based website with a custom theme and plugins.

Figure G

Code for America (CFA) is a visually-appealing and easy to navigate website which is powered wholly by WordPress. In addition, the CFA project has gained notability and has some major sponsors and advisors.

Figure H

Stuck in Customs is the web site of Trey Ratcliff, the first photographer to have an HDR photo added to the Smithsonian collection, and also features a visually appealing, custom designed WordPress theme.

Figure I

Boys Life Magazine is another example of a WordPress-based web site offering online content from a traditional publication-based magazine.

Figure J